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Help Overview

The menu in the left column provides easy access to the following help pages.


The tour introduces the most important features of GanttPV.

  • opening reports
  • defining tasks
  • saving files
  • rearranging tasks
  • setting task duration
  • defining holidays
  • setting start dates and dependencies
  • scrolling the gantt chart to show tasks
  • assigning resources
  • running scripts

Main, Grid, Menus, Scripts

  • Main explains the Project/Report window and the toolbar buttons used to create new projects and reports.
  • Grid explains the Grid Report windows and the buttons used to add tasks and customize reports.
  • Menus explains the File, Script, and Help menu commands.
  • Scripts explains the behavior of each script.


Print/Export provides additional information to help you get the best results from the print and html export scripts.

Note: The print script included with GanttPV v0.5 does not work. Please download this updated version and install it into your scripts folder.

GanttPV Forums

There are several forums for help with GanttPV.

Other Resources